Hitman 2 Silent Assassin OGG Extractor

Published 2002-12-18


Desicating Hitman 2: Silent Assasin's streams.wav, the long way.
By <mphdk@netscape.net>

The file seems to decomposed to different soundfiles in different formats
pasted together.

If I imported the file as RAW PCM data at 22050Hz with MSB found some
ingame sounds, e.g. russion speach, piano play, whistling people and
other stuff.

But the very cool music wasn't there and could ofcause not be stored
at 22050Hz. The waveform showed very highfrequency sounds grouped in
blocks, hmm...

I saw a thread talking about Ogg files, if you open a regular encoded
ogg-vorbis file it begins with "OggS". Searching for that in HexWorkshop
I got several hits from the middle of the file and down.

Copying a few hundred kilobytes (starting with the first "OggS") into
a new file and played it in the OggPlayer i heard beautiful music, neat!

It seems all you have to do is copy from the first "OggS" and all the
way to the bottom in order to "rip" the ingame music.

Or you could get a handy little tool which also splits the Ogg-streams
using the Ogg's endflags. Using that program I get 22 Ogg-streams,
most of them appearing on the album as far as I can tell. The program
is basically an Ogg-stream dulpicator far from stable but does the job
on my computer (running win2k).